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Metalwork for external architectural application must use a material that’s both aesthetically pleasing and adept at handling outdoor conditions. Novelis J57S UP® is such a material. An attractive, high-quality and resilient alloy specifically designed for to meet the demands of ambitious architectural applications, Kloeckner is now stocking this batch anodised aluminium at 2mm and 3mm in thickness and in various size and width specifications.

What is Novelis J57S UP® ?

Novelis J57S UP® is a premium anodising quality aluminium with a chemical composition designed to create a glossy metallic finish.

High levels of manganese and copper as well as a sophisticated manufacturing process create a product which is incredibly uniform in both colour and gloss across different production batches.

Novelis J57S UP® is also colourable using the electrolytic or the immersion process.

Where is Novelis J57S UP® used?

Novelis J57S UP® was specifically designed to meet the demands of architects and engineers looking for a material that could be used for attractive and enduring
facades. Its application can be seen on the exterior of award-winning enterprises such as The Cube in Birmingham as well as the Basel Exhibition Center and the
Titanic Exhibition Project, a testament to architects’ faith in this durable alloy.

Novelis J57S UP® has also seen usage in roofing and interior cladding whenever its glossy and metallic finish or A1 non-combustible rating are desired.

Why Novelis J57S UP®?

As well as its attractive finish, there are a number of factors which make Novelis J57S UP® a desirable choice for outdoor as well as interior architectural applications:

● Decorative with permanent metallic gloss – Novelis is J57S UP® is especially adept at achieving the visions of architects and engineers.
● A1 non-combustible rating – Can handle long exposure to sunlight and other outdoor heat sources.
● Consistency in gloss and colour across batches – This makes Novelis J57S UP® suitable for lengthy projects requiring multiple batches.
● Firm bond with metal surface – No peeling, chipping or corrosion under harsh conditions.
● Corrosion (in neutral ph range) and weather resistant – No rust or corrosion when exposed to rain or sunlight for long periods of time and thus suitable for
outdoor application.
● Fully recyclable – Novelis is the leading producer of flat-rolled aluminum products and the world’s largest recycler of aluminum. It is wholly committed
to sustainability.

If you would like any more information on Novelis J57S UP® and how it can be used in your next application, please contact us HERE.

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