Nuclear safety: How and why?

At Kloeckner Metals UK, we are proud to be a trusted supplier to many different industries including the nuclear sector. We are extremely committed to supporting the delivery of new nuclear power stations in the UK, at the same time continuing to support the NDA’s decommissioning programme and all existing operational nuclear sites.

Nuclear safety is very important and is something we have a huge focus on at Kloeckner Metals UK. It is imperative that we have a safety procedure in place, to guarantee that there is protection from harm and associated risks are controlled. Ahead of the 7th NDA Estate Supply Chain Event in Manchester next week, we take a look at how we ensure nuclear safety at Kloeckner Metals UK. Find out more below…


If you would like more information on our elements of nuclear safety, for example, our cross-contamination avoidance procedure, please contact our specialist team here.

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