Perks and Benefits of Working at Kloeckner Metals UK

Kloeckner Metals UK is renowned for its people-first approach in everything we do. We believe that ensuring our employees are happy and satisfied is extremely important. Be it through our flexible home-working policy, competitive salary and bonus structure, pension and health cash plan or our holiday trading policy, each choice reflects the company values and ensures employee satisfaction. At Kloeckner, we understand that every employee is different which is why we offer an array of perks to suit every employee’s individual circumstances. Here are some of the perks our employees enjoy while working at Kloeckner Metals UK:

Flexible Home Working Policy:

At Kloeckner Metals UK, we allow our employees to choose the working solution that fits their needs best wherever possible. We offer the opportunity for hybrid or blended home working as we feel that it allows our employees to show up wholeheartedly and it increases their productivity.

Tracey McQuade, Head of Human Resources at Kloeckner Metals UK, says ‘After the pandemic, we have felt the need to introduce a new hybrid working policy as we realised that, after months of working from home, some of employees would prefer to continue with this trend. We are working with various teams and managers to determine the best hybrid working solution in order to encourage a better work/life balance for every employee in our organisation.’

Competitive Salary & Bonuses & Enhanced Pension Contribution

Kloeckner Metals UK offers a competitive salary structure and yearly bonuses based on industry standards along with various other benefits for our employees. At Kloeckner, we offer enhanced pension contributions to ensure a safer future for our employees.

Kloeckner Cares

For employees looking to give back to the community through fundraising initiatives, Kloeckner promises to match their efforts by contributing up to £500 for individual initiatives and up to £1000 for group initiatives. Additionally, employees can avail themselves of up to two paid days per year for volunteering time off.

Employee Assistance Programme via Health Assured

The Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) at Kloeckner is available to all employees and their families. It is designed to help deal with personal and professional problems that could be affecting their home life or work life, health and general wellbeing. As part of this programme we have started offering mental health counselling to our employees. Kloeckner has currently trained over 30 of our team members as Mental Health First Aiders to help employees in need.

Prize Draws and Reward Schemes

At Kloeckner, we conduct monthly prize draws where employees stand a chance of winning exciting prizes like Apple gadgets, TVs, Amazon vouchers, etc. Employees can also visit various reward-site schemes giving them access to monetary vouchers and personalised gifts.

Long Service and Retirement Awards

Kloeckner rewards loyal employees at every step of their journey, through their long service and retirement-awards initiative. Employees can choose monetary vouchers of their choice on completion of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 & 30+ years of working at Kloeckner.

Holiday Trading Opportunity

Employees at Kloeckner can avail themselves of the holiday trading opportunity to buy more holidays and time off work in order to improve their work life balance.

Richard Ward: ‘Holiday trading is great for providing me with more flexibility and improved work/life balance when needed. A great example of this was last year in lockdown, being able to purchase just a few days really helped by allowing me to spend just a bit more time with the kids, who were stuck at home, and we were not able to rely on the usual childcare. Likewise, knowing I can sell a week back for quieter years and have a little extra cash, is great to know.”

Health Cash Plan

Our employees at Kloeckner benefit from our health cash plan that covers routine medical and dental expenses and keeps them healthy and happy.

According to Katja Pandza who has subscribed to this benefit for years: “Health Cash Plan is by far my favourite company benefit. It allows my family and me to claim back expenses for various health treatments even when travelling abroad. We have a medium level annual cover and in the past year we claimed back £1442, on treatments such as: chiropractor, dentists, glasses and prescription expenses.  It’s a great perk that covers 100% of our claims up to a certain annual amount.”


Kloeckner has joined up with Perkpal to improve their employee experience further by offering some incredible employee benefits and rewards. From savings and discounts on some of their favourite brands in everyday shopping, to 10% discounts on holidays or 6-months discount gym memberships, PerkPal is a very popular ‘perk’ amongst our employees.

James Moffatt added: ‘Perkpal is a wonderful, additional benefit provided by Kloeckner. I have been using it for the past 5 to 6 years by loading digital cards or downloading digital vouchers, entering competitions and many other perks. The retailers I use offer cashback and my favourites are Sainsburys and Asda for my household shopping, Costa and Starbucks for eating out, Argos and holiday bookings. I save up my ‘cashback’ throughout the year and transfer it to my bank account at Christmas time. I usually save between £300 and £500 (tax free) which pays for Christmas!”






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