Q&A with Our CEO Peter Whiting: Digitalisation at Kloeckner {Vol 3}

We sat down with Peter Whiting the CEO of Kloeckner Metals UK to discuss his thoughts on company’s culture, digitalisation, Brexit,  sustainability focus and so much more. Here is the last in the series.

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Q7. What are Kloeckner’s plans for 2020 and digitisation in the decade ahead?

Kloeckner & Co, Kloeckner’s parent company, is arguably the most advanced digital metals company in the Western World.  We have implemented many digital tools in the past few years and more are arriving in 2020 such as Kloeckner Assistant and Sign on Glass.  Currently more than 30% of our sales revenue is generated through digital channels and we aim to achieve a Group target of 60% of digital sales by the end of 2022.

Going forward, we will move from seeing “digital” as a tool box to seeing it as just the way we do business at Kloeckner.  This has wide-ranging implications for all of us; our working lives will continue to change and evolve rapidly as we embrace digitalisation and leave the old, analogue methods behind.  We will all have to adjust our approach whether we are in HR, Sales, Management, Operations or Finance.  No sector of business will be untouched by this revolution.

Q8. How is Kloeckner embracing new technologies to improve customer relationships

Digitalisation is key to the future strategy of Kloeckner and we are working hard to develop innovative systems and processes to make working with us easier and more effective for our customers. Our available systems include an Online Shop, Contract portal and EDI, all of which allow our customers to seamlessly manage their accounts and orders effectively. We also have an interactive website which holds a wealth of product and service information allowing all to understand more about Kloeckner Metals UK and what we can offer our customers.  During 2020 we will start to implement Kloeckner Assistant, an innovative tool that will enable us to scan customer orders into our computer system and eliminate wasteful, manual re-keying of orders.

In Operations, we have implemented ParCon, a digital route planning and transport management tool, and we will replace paper delivery documents with “sign on glass” in 2020.

In procurement we are already transacting business with several of our Key Suppliers through EDI, and are actively developing others.

Q9. How is Kloeckner embracing innovation and technology to develop and ensure the wellbeing of people?

In 2019 and continuing into 2020 our employees will have completed  on-line training to build on their knowledge and understanding of  Kloeckner Principles and Values, Code of Conduct and Anti-Discrimination.

Through the “Keep-Em” project we have implemented flexible working opportunities to enable employee partners to better juggle their demanding work and home commitments; worked hard to remove unnecessary stress; implemented digital tools that remove non-value added tasks, enhance the work experience and enable people to learn new and valuable skills; provided opportunities for volunteering and company matches for donations to community supported charitable initiatives; and enabled people to move within the company to new and challenging opportunities.



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