Westok now processing Asymmetric & Cambered Cellular Beams

Kloeckner | Westok are proud to have pioneered the use of cellular beams across the UK and Ireland and in parallel with our continual investment in free design software and academic developments, our operational investment continues be significant.

Developing collaborative relationships throughout the supply chain and excellent customer service are integral to what we do. We believe that acting on customer feedback is pivotal in achieving this and as such, this has influenced our most recent investment in a bespoke Ficep Endeavour Line.

Our bespoke Endeavour Line has the ability to cut, drill, mill, notch and scribe asymmetric and cambered, cellular and plated beams. Cambered and asymmetric beams are common, beneficial features of clear span design but often cause bottle necks for steel fabricators in production as they aren’t compatible with standard saw and drill lines which are typically designed only to handle and process straight and symmetrical sections.

Having listened to our customers’ and following considerable supply chain research, Ficep provided us with the best solution to meet our customers’ needs.

Westok’s new capabilities include:

  • NC data import capability
  • Automated process for the cutting of cellular beams
  • Cut and Drill supplied for beams from 2.5m up to 20m length, 500mm width and 1155mm in depth
  • Ability to process Asymmetric beams from 9m up to 20m
  • Ability to process Cambered beams from 2.5m up to 20m
  • Drilling available up to 40mm diameter up to 100mm thickness
  • Interpolated Milling up to 250mm
  • Milling function for openings / notches
  • Full scribing options available


Being able to offer these additional services will enable our customers to maximise their efficiencies, develop their own processes and lower production costs.

Ficep Endeavour Line investment is a significant step forward in Westok’s in-house capabilities and compliments previous investments into Corimpex beam welding line and bespoke purpose build beam builder.

With Corimpex beam welding line, we are uniquely positioned in our ability to design and manufacture both cellular and plated beams for optimum design and economy.

Furthermore, our bespoke, purpose-built beam builder allows us to significantly improve efficiency and safety in the manufacturing process of Westok Cellular Beams whilst also enhancing our in-house free of charge cambering and curving capabilities.

Westok’s unique range of added value services enables us to provide a competitive, quality and flexible service alongside our complimentary commercial, technical and design services. These include a free project design service, free design software, and free CPD seminars.

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