Safeguarding Energy Sector Supply Chains

With the increasing focus on green energy, the energy sector is rethinking its supply chains in order to reduce costs and have a competitive advantage. But there are various challenges that supply chains face when it comes to the energy sector that hinder the switch to green energy. One of the challenges the industry faces is complexity as the energy sector activities are usually based in remote areas resulting in challenging logistics. Another challenge faced by the sector is rising demand and fluctuating supply. While the International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts that the market will grow by one-third between 2021 and 2035, the challenge will be with demand planning and forecast accuracy. Various external forces such as major shifts in the competitive landscape in the industry and environmental responsibility also affect the energy sector greatly. The need for efficiency in the materials supply chain in order to increase productivity, reduce risks and control costs is another challenge that the industry faces. And the last significant challenge is consistency and compliance with the Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE) policies within the energy sector.

Kloeckner Metals’ Unique Supply Chain Solutions

At Kloeckner Metals UK we provide our energy customers with the perfect infrastructure for their supply chain solutions with a complete in-house offering tailored to the industry. Given the various challenges faced by the industry, Kloeckner’s solutions ensure that customers do not need to engage with several different suppliers as we provide all requirements under one roof. Our comprehensive UK stock range of carbon, stainless steel and aluminium, complemented by our extensive global supply network, means that there are very few products that we cannot offer. We also offer a wide range of value-added services making Kloeckner Metals UK the perfect choice for any metals requirement from just a few kilos to larger, more challenging, and in-depth projects. Our state-of-the-art processing infrastructure and nationwide presence ensures that we can offer and deliver unique solutions based on customers’ requirements.

Here is what makes our supply chain solution unique:

Total Metals Management (TMM)

We offer our customers the opportunity of Total Metals Management. This is a unique service for customers in specialist sectors like Oil & Gas and Nuclear and ensures that the complex and demanding requirements of customers from these industries are met and managed by a team of experts on a strict timeline and under safe conditions.

At Kloeckner we believe in offering our clients the best experience and, in order to provide this, we are continuously developing our knowledge and understanding of what is needed to accommodate major projects across various sectors. Additionally, we also develop and change our systems and our people to ensure that we are ideally placed to offer a full project management solution to our customers. This helps us deliver on our promises in high stake and demanding environments.

Talking about the project management systems at Kloeckner, Mark Allard, Energy expert at Kloeckner says, “We handpick a team for each individual project based on the relevant knowledge and experience required to ensure smooth running from enquiry to delivery. Recently our team at Kloeckner Metals UK undertook a 2200 tonne plate profiling order from a large energy customer and successfully delivered within the ten-week time frame. The time frame for delivery was critical and the biggest challenge for the project. We had to make sure that we kept the delivery schedules that the customer required accurate and on time. So, we put together a focused project team with the relevant experience necessary to ensure execution and timely completion as per customer requirements.”


At Kloeckner Metals UK we believe that digitalisation is the way forward and have invested in the development of comprehensive digital solutions for all our customers. Our commitment to developing this has meant that we are able to offer a range of eprocurement solutions that is unrivalled in the industry. By automating the procurement process our customers can stay in control of their supply chain, improve their transparency and streamline their procurement process.

We understand the importance of setting up an automated procurement process and are currently working with several customers to individually set up digital solutions that will enable them to manage both day to day business and larger projects online with ease.

Oil & Gas – The Shift Towards Diversification

Mark Allard, Energy expert at Kloeckner: “At Kloeckner we have many years of experience working within the energy sector and have worked hard to continuously provide the solutions that are required by the changing needs of the industry. Recently, with the downturn in oil & gas and the move towards renewable energy, our customers have diversified and changed direction significantly in some cases to cope with the ever shifting landscape. At Kloeckner Metals UK we have had to change alongside our customer base to facilitate the different needs and new requirements that these changes in direction have brought about. Our team at Kloeckner has worked continuously to offer new products and services along with the newly required grades of materials. This has helped us find suitable answers for our clients and allowed us to continue to grow stronger long-term relationships with them. Kloeckner Metals UK continues to look at sustainability in an ever-changing marketplace and is fully committed to ensuring that we maintain our strong position as a market leader to allow us to support our wide and varied customer base at all levels.”


Quality, Health & Safety Certifications

Kloeckner Metals UK puts safety first and we are very aware of the criticality of quality and documentation, not just for our energy customers but for all of our customers across all sectors. We constantly work to ensure that all our company certifications, management systems and processes meet the highest standards and are kept up to date. These certifications were achieved with the help of our engaged and empowered workforce, best practice processes, state of the art facilities and strong relationships across our supply base.

Our certifications include ISO 45001 / 14001 / 9001 including NHSS3B and BES 6001 and many others. Click here to find the full list of our certifications at Kloeckner.


Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do at Kloeckner Metals UK. We believe in delivering sustainable and innovative solutions that are relevant to all company stakeholders and to the wider communities and environments in which we operate. We, along with our parent company, Klöckner & Co, are determined to limit global warming and are committed to achieving the UN Global Compact ‘Business Ambition for 1.5°C’ which pushes us to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5°C by reducing our greenhouse emissions. Click here to view our Sustainability Statement

Energy Sectors we Serve

We at Kloeckner believe in offering our customers in the energy sector the highest quality of products and a variety of value-added services to ensure their needs are met appropriately. We are fully equipped to handle Profiling, Tube Laser cutting, Flat Laser cutting, Water Jet cutting, Section rolling, Shot blasting & Painting, Aluminium de-coiling to length and Drilling & Sawing that allows us to customise solutions based on customer requirements. Our product offering also includes a range of Line Pipe products including Fittings and Flanges available in various grades, dimensions and wall thicknesses and are designed for high pressure environments.

Below are the various energy sectors we serve:


Kloeckner Metals UK are committed to supporting our customers from the Nuclear industry to deliver all new nuclear power stations in the UK while supporting existing operational nuclear sites and the NDA’s decommissioning programme. Certified with Fit 4 Nuclear (F4N) there is a strong commitment from the business and all our employees towards a Nuclear Safety Culture. Learn more here 

Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas sector has very specific requirements and all materials used need to be capable of performing in extreme conditions. We currently supply products to a wide variety of energy customers whose applications include Structural, Offshore, Boiler and Pressure vessels and continue working with them to create innovative solutions to support the industry. Learn more here


At Kloeckner Metals UK we are equipped to handle the challenging requirements of the renewables industry. Our diverse range of ferrous and non-ferrous products is complemented by an extensive processing portfolio and a team of experts who are used to working on projects that demand first class service and quality standards, making us the company of choice for our customers in the renewables energy sector. Learn more here 


Hydrogen power plants require materials that are capable of operating in high-risk environments. All our material is sourced from the EU and from quality assured mills/manufacturers. Furthermore, our team of energy experts is always on hand to advise on which material grades, sizes and thicknesses are suitable for the specific application.


Get in touch with our team to learn more here. 




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