Do you hear what I hear? – Cellular Beams on the Roof Tiles

At Kloeckner UK we’ve been working with a Top Secret client for a few months now and have been extremely vigilant at keeping the project under wraps.

Kloeckner Director Barrie Salter described the process:

“There was a lot (of weight) riding on this project so it had to be absolutely perfect. There was a very strict deadline involved so we’ve been working overtime on this one, although sometimes when we’d arrive in the mornings, a lot of the work had been done…

You may have seen from our Twitter and LinkedIn feeds that our client’s Head of QC dropped in to check over the plans with the team.

The client himself could be spotted around the Leeds HQ checking in on the progress of his order and we even invited him to make use of the Kloeckner Connect new platform to ensure his deliveries could be made on time.

Now, after all of our hard work, we’re excited to unveil the design, techniques and materials that went into one of our most festive of projects.

For anyone interested in seeing the finished article, you need only look to the skies, on December 24th where we’re told you might catch a glimpse.

  1. Runners
    1. Material – Westok Cellular Beams
    2. Process – Fabricated to size and cambered
  2. Front Tube
    1. Material – Steel Tube
    2. Process – Laser cut holes for reindeer reins
  1. Side Pannels
    1. Material – Alucore
    2. Process – Waterjet cut to panel shape
  1. Seat
    1. Material – ERW Tubes/OCS Woodgrain PVC Laminate sheets
    2. Process – ERW tube laser cutting, Woodgrain decoiling and shearing to size
  1. Side Plate
    1. Material – Stainless Steel Plate
    2. Process – Laser cut and drilled

Our stainless steel side plates have been expertly cut using flatbed laser technology and drilled on one of our high speed, high performance, fully automated drilling lines.

  1. Safety Glass Windscreen
    1. Material – Glass Balustrade
    2. Process – Specific Product Design

With safety high on the agenda the safety glass wind screen will be fastened to the front of the sleigh using fully engineer-tested tilt and lock fixtures

  1. Floor Plate
    1. Material – A sandwich panel of Abrasion Plate/Aluminium Five Bar Tread Plate
    2. Process – Oxyfuel cut/Sheared to size

The floor panel has been made up of sturdy abrasion plate for hard landings and a top layer of super light aluminium five bar tread plate to keep slips to a minimum.

  1. Back Plate
    1. Material – COR-TEN – weather resistant
    2. Process – Flatbed laser cut and profiling for detail on the back

Our client’s project has been finished with a flat bed laser cut insignia on the back panel which is made of weather resistant COR-Ten in a festive orange-red.


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