Steel Hollow Section: The preferred choice of architects and designers

Look closely and you’ll discover that Steel Hollow Section products are everywhere in our day to day surroundings, from a pedestrian crash barrier at a busy street junction, to some of the UK’s most prominent landmark structures.

Tubular products have been widely used since the late 18th Century but have increasingly gained popularity over the last 50-60 years. Widely known as CHS, RHS & SHS, Hollow Sections are used extensively in both Structural and Mechanical applications.

Paul Byrnes, Kloeckner’s Hollow Section Product Specialist in the Northern Region, draws on his experience in the market to tell us why Hollow Sections are the preferred choice of architects for structural solutions and more:


Robust and lightweight, Hollow Sections have opened up a world of possibilities for mechanical and structural solutions to architects, designers and fabricators. This is enabled by the product’s higher strength to weight ratio, making it the perfect solution for a wide variety of applications.

From football stadiums to agricultural machinery, Hollow Sections are used in a wide and diverse number of applications:

  • Structural, including Commercial, Retail, Industrial, Leisure, Infrastructure (such as Bridgework and treetop walkways) and Offshore structures
  • Mechanical, including Transport, Mining, Manufactured Goods, Agricultural, Street & Traffic Furniture, Conveyors and Lifting Equipment and Heavy Plant Equipment


Style, not just function

Hollow Sections are available in either circular, square or rectangular forms and provide a stylish solution that seamlessly fits in with any contemporary structure.

A great example of this is a key project I’ve been involved in recently, involving a large shopping centre. We’ve been working closely with our partners to deliver laser cut hollow sections for the complex curved roof structure. In this case, the geometrical properties of the product allow glazed glass panels to sit flush against the steel for a seamless finish.


Why else would you choose Hollow Sections?

The higher strength to weight ratio reduces material usage and allows greater spans of the product meaning that ultimately less product is used which ends up reducing the costs. When used in exposed applications, such as a bridge they do not trap water, prolonging the product lifespan, while fire resistance can be increased by filling Hollow Sections with concrete.

The correct product for your application

At Kloeckner we offer 3 different grades of Hollow Sections from several different manufacturing processes. Our comprehensive stock includes both Hot and Cold formed Hollow Sections in material grades S235, and S355J2H and we also have access to non-standard sizes and other tubular products through our European subsidiaries.

Choosing the right type of material (ie. Hot or Cold formed) will affect their suitability for certain applications. For example – you cannot substitute a Hot Finished S355J2H product with a Cold S355J2H, this is why it is paramount that our customers clearly specify their requirements.

Here at Kloeckner Metals UK, we’re passionate about finding the right Hollow section solution for your needs. Get in touch today to find out why Kloeckner is your ideal supply chain partner.


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