The Benefits of Steel Frame Modular Construction

Steel Frame Modular Buildings are constructed off-site bespoke to the exact project requirements in specialist factories to be delivered to the site where they are assembled. Steel modular frames can be used for an array of construction projects from home to warehouses to offices. Off-site construction with steel frame modular buildings can save time, reduce labour requirements and improve sustainability.

Benefits of Steel Frame Modular Construction/Off-site Construction

Many advantages come with steel modular buildings, which include:

1. Timesaving

Steel Frame Modular Buildings can reduce both the time needed on-site as well as labour requirements on site. There is around 20% improvement in on-site productivity resultant from off-site construction.

2. Consistent Quality

Steel Frame Modular Buildings are constructed in a factory environment that results in tighter controls and more consistent quality. Steel Frame Modular Builds can also halve snagging costs due to their prefabrication.

3. Lower Carbon Footprint

Research has suggested that off-site construction can reduce CO2 emissions by 20-60% in metric tonnes. Additionally, there is lower material wastage with off-site construction improving overall project sustainability.

Why construction firms across the UK are embracing off-site construction

The Governments Construction Sector deal is committed to achieving four key goals:

  • A 33% reduction in the cost of construction
  • 50% reduction in time taken from beginning to end of new build
  • 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • 50% reduction in the trade gap between total exports and imports of construction projects

To meet this ambitious goal, together with decreasing workforce and an increasing demand for housing, the construction sector is embracing off-site construction to overcome these challenges.



Products/Services Solutions for the Modular Building Market

At Kloeckner we supply stock and processed mild steel to the modular building sector to be used in structural steel frames. Hollow Sections are widely used in modular buildings as corner posts, but we also supply beams, columns, channels, angles and plates.

Some customers ask for sections to be cut to length and shot blasted as the frames are generally painted after welding. The industry trend is now moving away from saw cutting towards 3D tube laser cutting and flat bed laser cutting for plates. At Kloeckner we offer both tube laser cutting and flat bed laser cutting.

The main reasons for this are:

  • An industry requirement for increased accuracy for construction purposes, (the modules are stacked and bolted together on a grid system).
  • The parts are being robotically welded and must fit into the jigs.
  • There are time and cost-saving benefits of having a “kit of parts delivered” for welding.

At Kloeckner, we are renowned for our extensive tube & flat laser portfolio and other processing services that we offer all under one roof. This, along with our team of experts and innovative approach, allows us to work in a successful partnership with our customers in the offsite industry.

Organically Coated Steel products (OCS) and Their Application in Modular Construction

At Kloeckner we offer an unrivalled range of pre-painted and specialist metallic coated steels that can be used in modular buildings. These include:

  • Woodgrain Laminates & Polyesters – for internal and external applications, wood look without the maintenance
  • Plastisol Leathergrain – external panelling
  • Tata Prisma – external panelling
  • HPS200 Ultra – external panelling
  • Granite HDX – external panelling
  • Magnelis – formed section, high corrosion resistance in a demanding environment with longer life
  • White Polyester – internal wall linings of cabins
  • Advantica L Control / Food-safe Laminates – Food hygiene areas, clean rooms, washrooms

All products are available with strippable protective film, including laser film.


To find out how we can assist with either steel frame kits or to find out more about pre-painted coated steel get in touch here 




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