The Structural Steel Design Awards 2016 – A Kloeckner Metals UK | Westok Round-up

Wednesday the 5th of October marked the 2016 Structural Steel Design Awards, a prestigious event in Steel Industry’s calendar.

The scheme’s objectives are to:

“Recognise the high standard of structural and architectural design attainable in the use of steel and its potential in terms of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, aesthetics and innovation”

Here are some of the projects we were involved in as well as some of our favourite commendations:

The Thames Tower Redevelopment Reading

We are very proud to have been part of the Thames Tower Redevelopment Project in Reading with Shipley Structures Ltd.  Westok cellular beams were used in this innovative redevelopment to create a mezzanine steel decked floor.


Land Rover BAR America’s Cup HQ

The Land Rover BAR HQ manufacturing facility in Portsmouth project received a Commendation at the awards. The location is used in the making of highly sophisticated sailing boats as well as the development of facilities to support the bid to host America’s Cup Challenge in 2021, a welcome injection of exposition and funds into the local economy. Read more about Kloeckner’s involvement in the project here.


The Diamond Engineering Building, The University of Sheffield

Huge congratulations are in order for our client Billington Structures who also received a Commendation at the SSDAs for their work on Sheffield Uni’s Diamond Engineering Building. The striking aesthetic of the facade is composed of interconnected diamonds in anodised aluminium that are fitted to the exterior glass cladding and the windows are designed to control solar gain.


Plant-Support Structure, Ferrybridge

Kloeckner Metals UK clients Bourne Steel performed fantastically well at the Awards, firstly for their Commendation for the Plant-Support Structure project in Ferrybridge. The height of the structure, that is set to power around 160,000 homes through carbon electricity, necessitated the use of steel as did the need for future maintenance with minimal disruption.


Energy from Waste Facility, Ardley

Bourne Steel also received a Merit for their work on the Energy from Waste Facility in Ardley. This innovative facility will treat around 300,000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste from the local area to produce enough electricity to power 38,000 homes. The innovation of the facility’s use was reflected in the design of the building whose convex and concave shapes necessitated the use of steel.



We’d love to hear about your favourites from the Awards, why not follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter to carry on the conversation.


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