Think Steel, Think Kloeckner

At Kloeckner, we love steel… So much so, that we hold over 60,000 tonnes in stock at any one time!
As the largest multi-metal stockholder and distributor in the UK, we’re constantly evolving and expanding the steel products and services we offer. We provide everything from the steel beams that support bridges and buildings, to the coated steel and COR-TEN sheets that give a truly special architectural look.
However, we’re not just stockholders and distributors! Investing in the latest equipment allows us to do even more impressive things with steel. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our customers, through our processing capabilities. Our incredible range of value-added services enables us to bend, cut, trim, saw, engrave, drill, paint and de-coil steel. The possibilities are endless. And, we achieve this all whilst maintaining our superior quality standards. Our unrivalled expertise makes Kloeckner the perfect Supply Chain Partner! Therefore, when you think steel… think Kloeckner!




Types of Steel

We hold 60,000 tonnes of steel in stock to ensure our customers get what they need when they need it. We ensure that we maintain our stock levels across all our products so that we can continually supply to the wide range of industries we support – Energy, Construction, Defence, Marine, Transport, Signs, Machinery & Equipment and Fabricated Metal Goods.


Processing Steel

Our customers are at the heart of what we do. This is why we continue to innovate and add more processing services to our repertoire. Here are just some of the ways we can process your steel to create the exact shape and size required:


Tube Laser Cutting

Our specialist laser processing facility in Dudley contains 7 state of the art laser cutting machines, allowing us to provide our customers with an entirely in-house service. With our Jumbo Tube Laser, we can process hollow sections, beams, columns, split tees, angles and cut more complex shapes such as slots, mitres, V notches, holes and cut-outs. Our LT8 and LTT722D lasers are ideal to process, Stainless Steel,  Mild Steel and Aluminium sections delivering top quality and extremely precise cut.

Flat Laser Cutting

Flat laser cutting is another of our thermal cutting processes that utilise a high-powered laser in a very small diameter. Our Blackburn centre is equipped with extensive flat bed laser facilities, featuring latest technology in both fibre cutting and CO2 and processing capabilities up to 4000mm length and 2000mm width.


Precision Bending

Using pressure reference technology, we are able to bend your steel parts up to 4100mm long into bespoke 3D shapes.


Water Jet Cutting

Water jet cutting is unique, as heat is not required for the process. As the name suggests, a focused jet of water is used to cut through steel. This means there are no heat-affected zones where metallurgical changes could occur.


CNC Router

We have recently invested in a new CNC router that allows us to offer precision cutting, grooving, chamfering and engraving of steel. We can also fold and bend aluminium and composite panels as well as cut bespoke shapes and sign panels.


Digital Solutions

Kloeckner digital solutions have been developed to help our customers manage their purchasing process. We’ve recently introduced our Contract Portal and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) which help our customers to have better control and transparency with their orders whilst also helping with efficiency improvement.


Our in-house solutions ensure our customers have a one-stop-shop for all their steel needs. To speak to us about our value-added services, digital solutions or any of our steel and metal products, get in contact here.

And remember, when you think steel… Think Kloeckner!




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