Three Ways Kloeckner Metals UK is Improving Driver Safety

Anyone who has ever done any kind of long distance driving will be no stranger to how dangerous the roads can be. We spoke with Lyn Coates, Kloeckner Metals’ Head of Logistics about what Kloeckner is doing to improve road safety for its drivers across the country.
Fuelled by a passion to improve road safety and drawing on a wealth of experience working in transport and logistics, Lyn has implemented a plan which starts from the initial point of employment with Kloeckner and runs throughout their employment. Ensuring that as well as hiring the safest drivers, Kloeckner also reward and recognise drivers who continue to show best practices when driving.


Following an in depth discussion with Lyn, these are the 3 main points of her plan;


“It is with great importance that our vehicles are driven in a safe manner. All vehicles are fitted with a black box engine management system that monitors speed, distance, over revving and harsh braking”


  1. Driver RAG Reporting system


Using a digital tracker fitted to every vehicle (with unique key card ‘log ins’ for every Kloeckner employee) ensures complete traceability for both drivers and vehicles alike. The device itself monitors everything from time logged in, length of drive in time and distance, harsh braking, speed and more, whilst also featuring cameras both in and outside of the cab which are triggered when a dangerous event takes place.


The RAG system gives drivers a score of Red, Amber or Green depending on how they drive and this is fed into an internal system which is monitored by Kloeckner’s logistics team, highlighting dangerous drivers, and praising safe drivers. Drivers can then log on to this system via the internet to monitor their own driving report, compare to other drivers and view a site-by-site breakdown. This year will also see the introduction of ‘Site of the month’ and ‘Driver of the Quarter’ awards across the business.


Since the implementation of the Driver RAG Reporting system, Kloeckner has already seen a massive improvement in driver safety with 88% of drivers being awarded Amber or Green levels in January – a 14% increase from December.


“As much as it is important to highlight danger, it is also important to recognise and reward safe drivers”


  1. ROSCO Certificate

Backed by Executive Vice President of Region West, Kaha Avaliani, the ROSCO certificate is an incentive aimed at recognising drivers who achieve 12 months without a blame worthy accident, an accolade which 52 of Kloeckner’s drivers earned in its first year.


  1. SAFED driving training

Following a thorough accident analysis of previous incidents with Kloeckner drivers, it was found that the majority of incidents took place in slow-manoeuvring environments. As a result, Kloeckner has addressed this issue and invested in two training courses. The first being an internal course led by the SAFED (Safe And Fuel Efficient Driving) certified drivers within Kloeckner, with the view to coach new drivers on how they can adapt their driving to become safer and more efficient.

The second course focuses directly on slow manoeuvring and how drivers can identify potential risks to both themselves and those around them and avoid these in the future.


These key points alongside Practical Driving Assesments and regular drink and drug tests are just a sample of the many steps through which Kloeckner strives to put safety first in all its business operations.

To read more about Kloeckner Metal UK’s Safety First policy, click here!


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