Tubes, clamps and fittings: Your complete guide

Steel is an incredibly versatile product, offering a huge range of properties which make it the ideal material for use within a variety of applications. Whilst we have an extensive Value Added Services offering, at Kloeckner Metals UK we also understand that a simple, cost-effective solution is needed for certain structures.

Our tubes, clamps and fittings range is one of the products available at Kloeckner Metals UK which offers this solution. Our experts have compiled everything there is to know about the product…

What exactly are tubes, clamps, and fittings?

 The QclampⓇ  fittings are a malleable iron casting which has a hot dipped galvanised finish to BS EN 1461:1999. The fittings are supplied with stainless steel grub screws and are available in five standard sizes. The most popular sizes are:

  • 7mm offering a nominal bore of 1”
  • 4mm offering a nominal bore of 1 ¼”
  • 3mm offering a nominal bore of 1 ½”


So, what are the benefits of using this product?

 These fittings are a simple yet cost-effective way of creating different tubular structures without the need for welding. Plus, as the product is galvanised it can ensure lower maintenance and repair costs due to protection from premature rust and corrosion.

One of the best things about the tubes, clamps and fittings is that they are easy to use, and anyone can put them together. This means they have a very wide range of applications and are used in all manner of industries.

Can you tell us which applications this product may be used for?

 There are so many! The uses include:

  • Safety railings
  • Handrails
  • Racking
  • Play areas
  • Shopping trolley bays
  • Exhibition stands
  • Market stalls
  • Lighting grid systems
  • Awnings
  • Car ports
  • Hanging rails
  • Support frameworks
  • Bicycle racks
  • Benches


Is this a product that’s mainly used externally?

 No – due to the properties of the product it is often found being used externally, however, it is extremely versatile and is often used internally, too! An example of this would be storage in retail or safety handrails in factories.

Why do you think this product is so popular?

 Well, it has to be down to the properties and versatility of the product. The tubes, clamps and fittings are a simple, easy solution and can be used across so many applications. It is a product that can be made to suit you, your business or your application. Details on the exact products available can be found here (Page 40)

Do you think your business would benefit from the QclampⓇ  fittings range? Contact us today.

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