UK Energy markets a real focus for Kloeckner

At Kloeckner Metals UK, we work closely with customers in a number of energy markets to develop innovative material solutions and products to support the industry.

With subtle signs of improvement in Oil and Gas and an ongoing increase in activity and projects in the Renewable sector there appears to be some new and long overdue optimism for the UK
energy markets as a whole.

We spoke to Business Development Manager, Mark Allard, to understand the impact of these ongoing changes in the sector and why Kloeckner is such a valuable partner to our energy customers. Read on below…

Mark, tell us a bit about yourself.

I have 35 years of experience within the steel industry. In the six months I’ve been working with Kloeckner UK, there has been a big focus on utilising the expertise that I have to help build Kloeckner’s brand awareness and customer base. Part of this involves meeting with new and existing customers, educating them on the products and services we provide, and making them aware of any new products we can offer. I work very closely with our UK sales teams, and also work across the entire company to help develop the business in any way I can.

Why do you believe our UK energy customers find Kloeckner such a valuable partner?

Kloeckner have so much to offer the industry. We are unique because of the diversity of value-added services available to our customers. We can provide them with a complete in-house solution, by supplying a wide range of products and services, where other companies may only be able to provide a select few. To compliment one of the biggest stocks of plate and section in the UK, we offer tube laser, flat laser, profiling, de-coiling, shot-blasting and painting, – and that barely scratches the surface of what we can provide. Because our portfolio of services is so diverse, it means that our customers don’t have to work with several different suppliers. They only need to come to us. Kloeckner is also in the fortunate position to have a very robust customer base, meaning that we have the resources and capabilities to offer more regular delivery options to our customers too.

As a business we are very aware of the criticality of quality and documentation, not just for our energy customers but for all of our customers in all sectors and this means that an extremely important part of our business is delivering excellence in Quality of products, in documentation, and having that backed up strongly by a huge commitment to Health & Safety.

We are also extremely aware of the importance of maintaining our company certifications and we make sure our management systems and processes are up to date at all times and to the highest standards. As a result, our quality of product is second to none and we are extremely proud of our & culture which is firmly embedded across the company.

How do you think any growing optimism will affect the energy market going forward?

Oil & Gas, in particular, has been slow for the past few years. With oil prices being so low this has affected new projects and ongoing work, especially in the North of Scotland.

Due to the downturn, some of our customers have diversified away from working only in oil & gas, and now that there are subtle signs of recovery in this area, some are finding that they are busier than anticipated.

New optimism in the energy market is obviously a reflection of the growing opportunities in the sector. Renewables have been continuing to gather momentum with new projects due to be started this year and we are hoping that we will see oil & following suit.

Finally, we believe that Kloeckner can be an ideal supply chain partner to not only customers in the energy sector, but as well to companies that work in all the other industries.

If you’re operating in the energy sector and would like to learn more about how Kloeckner Metals UK can support your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.


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