Kloeckner Metals UK: Value Added Services

At Kloeckner Metals UK we have an unrivalled ability to meet our customer’s needs, offering a wide range of Value Added Services with the capability to provide the best solutions for our customers; be it the development of new products or steel processing requirements.

We work continuously on expanding our range of processing solutions and currently offer the following Value Added Services:

Tube Laser Cutting

At Kloeckner Metals UK we continuously look at the market to ensure we’re aware of what services our customers require. It was clear that there was an increase in demand for Tube Laser services which resulted in an investment of £7.7 million at our production facility in Dudley. This newly refurbished tube processing centre has six state-of-the-art Tube Laser cutting machines which enables us to deliver fast, efficient and flexible processes which, combined with our expertise, gives our customers an opportunity to be innovative and explore different design possibilities.

Our Tube Laser processing capabilities provide customers with a complete in-house service and bring the following advantages:

  • Flexible lead times
  • High quality and consistent production
  • Capacity to process large volumes of work
  • High accuracy
  • More advantages
Tube Laser

At Kloeckner Metals UK, significant investment in both machinery and handling equipment has allowed us to establish high quality profiling operation in Durham, offering a competitive lead time nationwide. Our Profiling operation is fully supported by a dedicated CAD team and Quality function, which enables us to fulfil the most demanding and complex requirements.

We are proud to offer High Definition Plasma and Oxy-Fuel Profiling processes to complement our range of Reversing Mill, Strip Mill, Offshore and Pressure Vessel Plates. Click here to read more about our Profiling service.

Flat Laser Cutting & Bending

As previously mentioned, at Kloeckner Metals UK we are continuously looking at our market as well as customer demand and consequently have recently invested in a third Flatbed Laser and our first Press Brake due to the increased demand in laser cutting and bending. Ultimately, this investment will allow us to cater to increase in demand whilst continuing to offer our customers a high level of service and competitive prices nationwide.

Laser cutting is a thermal cutting process for processing sheet metal and is an extremely versatile process. Kloeckner Metals UK, Flat Laser Cutting allows us to:

  • Carry out volume and small batch profiling
  • Ensure any material used is fully traceable, including mill certification where required
  • Give Quality Assurance with all products and services suppled
  • Provide fast track delivery

We can now also offer precision bending / pressing of materials into bespoke 3 dimensional shapes to suit customer requirements. Click here to see more.

Flat Laser Cutting
Water Jet Cutting

Water Jet Cutting is another value added service we are able to offer our customers at Kloeckner Metals UK. The uniqueness of Water Jet Cutting is that no heat is inputted into the component through the cutting jet, which means that there are no structural changes in the processed material.

Water Jet Cutting allows efficient production, particularly with single part manufacturing; high machining accuracy and surface quality at the cutting edge. What’s more, with Water Jet Cutting no pollutants are created during the cutting process. Click here to read more about Water Jet Cutting.


Kloeckner Metals UK | Westok is a specialist steelwork fabricator and designer. We employ a team of experienced and talented structural engineers with varied backgrounds in engineering consultancy, structural steelwork manufacture and fabrication. With our impressive record of delivering projects across range of sectors we are uniquely positioned in our ability to design and manufacture both cellular and plated beams, which enables us to drive the greatest economy into your projects.

Our products include:

  • Cellular Beams
  • USFB
  • Plate and Box Girders

We are also fully CE compliant up to Execution Class 4 for CE-marking certification for construction products. Westok are also members of the BCSA, SCI and ASFP, which helps to support our Fabrication work.

For more information on Fabrication, please click here.

Shot Blasting & Painting

At Kloeckner Metals UK, we pride ourselves on being equipped to offer support at all stages of steel and metal processing. As part of our Value Added Services, we utilise two fully-automated Gietart shot blasting, painting and drying lines.

Before any steel is fit to be processed, it must be cleaned thoroughly or in other terms – shot blasted. This completely cleans the steel from any rust or impurities, firing shot-like, small metals balls against the product at a high speed.

Once the steel has been shot blasted, the steel can be painted to preserve it against new corrosion. Our painting systems balance every element to obtain a smooth and well-dried paint layer, including the use of water blow off units, ovens and highly efficient paint sprayers.

Click here for more on Shot Blasting and Painting.

Shotblasting and Painting
De-coiling and Slitting

We offer a comprehensive range of light gauge de-coiling and guillotining services, including carbon and coated steel de-coiling, slitting and blanking.

We offer a comprehensive Strip Mill range which includes Magnelis, Aluzinc, Cold Reduced and Hot Dipped Galvanised. At our Organically Coated Steels (OCS) centre in Kidderminster we treat all our metallic products with ‘TLC’ just like they were pre-painted steels.

Click here to read more.


As part of the Value Added Services we also offer both Long and Flat Product Drilling.

Our Long Product Drilling allows us to hard stamp most products with bespoke identifying marks or cast numbers, with a manual feed capacity up to 21 metres. You can read more about Long Product Drilling here.

Our Flat Product Drilling service uses a fully programmable CNC drilling and machining platform; we can have multiple setups for maximum efficiency. Read more here.


At Kloeckner Metals UK, we also offer a wide range of sawing options as part of our Value Added Services. Each saw used at Kloeckner is fully programmable and has an integrated screen PC control, enabling us to accept cutting data either manually, in DSTV file or Microsoft Excel format, meaning we can be extremely flexible.

The sawing equipment used at Kloeckner Metals UK is perfectly geared to the comprehensive and exacting requirements of our customer base, with the facility to handle lengths of up to 22 metres. Click here for more information on our Sawing services.

Total Metals Management

Our Total Metals Management is a unique value proposition and was developed in conjunction with our key strategic partners in the Nuclear industry. Total Metals Management covers 9 key competency areas that allow you be in control of your supply chain, with certainty over quality, cost and lead times.

Click here to read our recent blog on Total Metals Management.

If you would like to know more about our Value Added Services, click here or contact us at enquiries@kloeckner.com.

Plus, keep a look out on social over the next few weeks as we’ll be posting more information about our Value Added Services and how they could benefit your business.


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