Westok adds new certificates

Kloeckner Metals UK | Westok are happy to announce that we were awarded with two new certificates: BS EN 3834-2:2005 as well as EN 1090-2 which maintains our CE certification in the EU in the event of a “No Deal Brexit”.

BS EN 3834-2:2005

A rigorous audit was carried out by Stephen Blackman of SCCS, whereby our WQM was reviewed and our processes tested for conformity.  Our RWC, John Thewliss was delighted to learn that we passed the audit with no observations and takes a great of pride in this fact.  Our BS EN 3834-2:2005 certificate covers welding and fabrication of structural steel and applies to all steel grades that we are qualified to fabricate up to S460ML.  This standard sits nicely with our other certificates and provides assurance to our customers that we work in a structured and controlled way to ensure we maintain high quality and safety standards at all times.

EN 1090-2

NSAI carried out a registration audit of Westok, to confirm compliance of our processes in line with EN 1090-2 and therefore maintain our EXC-4 CE certification in the EU in the event of a “No Deal Brexit”.  Whilst Westok is registered and audited in the UK by the SCCS, it was necessary to seek a further authority in Ireland, so as to ensure we could continue to operate with no post-Brexit obstructions.

Tom Fitzgerald attended our site and carried a rigorous scrutiny of our systems. He was incredibly impressed with the systems we have in place and also with the knowledge of the people to which he spoke.  Upon visiting the workshop he again remarked positively upon the competence and control exhibited by our people and processes.  In Tom’s close out meeting he advised there were no non-conformance observations and his recommendation would be for the NSAI to award us a certificate of conformity, which we can expect to be formalised within 2 weeks.


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