Westok involved in development of new Eurocodes

The Eurocodes (EN1990 – EN1999) have been used in earnest in the UK for over 8 years.  In 2010, almost at the same time as the old British Standards were being withdrawn, the European Commission initiated the process of creating the second generation of Eurocodes, with a planned release of around 2020.

The evolution of the Eurocodes to the next generation is focussed on ensuring that the standards remain fully up to date through embracing new methods, new materials and new regulatory and market requirements.  There is also a major effort to improve the ease of use of these standards by practitioners.

Currently the Eurocodes do not include specific rules for the design of either cellular or shallow floor beams.  The structural engineer is therefore required to apply the principles of the Eurocodes supplemented with best practice guidance where it is available, e.g. SCI publications and software.  This deficiency is being addressed in the next generation by new parts and sections to EN1993 and 1994, which are currently under development.

As UK technical leaders in both cellular and shallow floor beams, Westok is pleased to be represented on project teams SC4.T2 and SC4.T5, responsible for drafting new code clauses for these structural systems.  Project team SC4.T2,  is involved with the development of new clauses covering steel and composite cellular beams. It began its work in 2015 and final draft clauses have recently been submitted to NEN.  Project team SC4.T5, dealing with shallow floor systems, held its kick-off meeting in March this year, with a final draft due for submission in 2019.



As indicated above, it is critical that the evolved standards address the needs of the whole construction industry; comments and feedback are therefore always gratefully received.  Interim drafts are also circulated at defined intervals for national comment, and all comments are reviewed by the project team.

Westok will ensure that its extensive practical experience of the design and manufacture of cellular beams and USFBs will continue to inform the evolution of the Eurocodes.

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