What are the benefits of Westok’s new value added services?

At Kloeckner | Westok, acting on customer feedback and having the ability to meet our customer’s needs is pivotal. We continuously monitor the wider market so we are able to maintain our reputation in providing the best solution for our customers.

This outlook has influenced our most recent investment in a bespoke saw and drill line, the FICEP Endeavour, which allows us to now process asymmetric and cambered beams with the ability to cut, drill, mill, notch and scribe.

But, how exactly will this benefit our customers?

Find out more below…

2017 continues to be an incredibly exciting year for Kloeckner Metals UK, and we’re already looking forward to what 2018 may bring. To make sure you’re up to date with our latest updates, make sure you’re following on Facebook and LinkedIn.

If you would like more information on our new value added services, please contact our team here.


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