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We drive economy into the design of steel framed structures with our unique range of patented cellular, shallow and plated beam solutions and software packages. We have invested heavily in recent years, and our modern manufacturing facility boasts state of the art plasma-head profiling capabilities, as well as a submerged arc welding T&I line to facilitate the rapid automated manufacture of the Westok Plate Beams. Along with the manufacture of carcass Westok beams, Ultra Shallow Floor Beams ® (USFB), castellated beams, plate beams and box girders, we also offer a full fabrication service, including shot-blasting and priming capabilities.



The maximum lift capacity in the works is 20t, which facilitates the movement and fabrication of heavy plate and box girder sections. We are certified to the prestigious Execution Class 4 for CE-marking certification purposes, and is a proud member of the British Constructional Steelwork Association (BCSA), the Steel Construction Institute (SCI) and the Association of Specialist Fire Protectors (ASFP). 

We employ a team of experienced and talented structural engineers with a varied background in engineering consultancy, structural steelwork manufacture and fabrication, and Engineering/Building Information Modelling (BIM) software specification and development.



Metal Fabrication Overview

  • Cellular Beams
  • Plate Girders
  • USFB
  • Box Girders
  • Tapered
  • Asymmetric
  • Curved & Cambered
  • T-Sections
  • Shotblasting & Priming
  • Cutting to length



Complex fabrication work undertaken includes architecturally significant pieces of steelwork, such as curved and tapered box and plated sections. Kloeckner Metals UK Westok has significant experience in undertaking the fabrication and supply of particularly deep and long pieces of steelwork, and beams in excess of 2m in depth and 38m in length have been manufactured and delivered in one piece to suit the requirements of the particular project. 

On some schemes, a mix of cellular beams and WPBs are designed to drive the greatest economy into the project. At relatively low beam weights, a Westok cellular beam is usually the more economical solution. However, where very heavy or deep sections are required, a WPB may prove more economical. Our advisory service can assist in specifying the correct beam.




Manufacture and fabrication takes places in a 9,000 m2 facility, located adjacent to our head office in Stourton, Leeds, West Yorkshire. 

Fabrication work is undertaken to the BCSA National Structural Steelwork Specification for Building Construction, as well as internal Health and Safety and Quality Assurance Procedures. Kloeckner Westok employs RWC Responsible Welding Coordinators to ISO 14731 and has achieved CE Marking Certification.


Automated sub-merged arc welding capabilities are employed in the works, and operatives are also experienced in manually undertaking all types of fillet welds, as well as part penetration and full penetration butt welds. Welds are tested and verified by an independent testing company; ultrasonic and Magnetic Particle Inspection methods are employed.

The manufacturing and fabrication facility is equipped with a state of the art plasma-head robotic profiler, along with a CNC thermal cutting system with two plasma heads and four gas torches. The profiling and cutting is programmed directly from the production office using the StruM.I.S steel fabrication management information system. Fabrication work is supported by twenty-one linked overhead cranes. The maximum lift capacity in the works is 20t, and this facilitates the movement and fabrication of very heavy plate and box girder sections.

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