Flowdrill Services -
Friction drilling, flow forming or thermal drilling


Cost-efficient & reliable connection

At Kloeckner Metals UK we now offer a complementary Flowdrill service to tube laser parts.

Flowdrill also known as friction drilling, flow forming or thermal drilling process uses high rotational speed and high pressure to make holes in the desired material.

The process is beneficial when there is a requirement for a thread in thin material without the use of thread inserts.

Using a Flowdrill process the material is not lost but forms a sleeve around the hole which makes the sleeve’s length up to three times the original thickness. We can offer a collar or a plane surface finish.

Flowdrill benefits:

  • replaces rivet nut, weld nut & insert nut
  • provides a more cost-efficient and reliable connection than traditional fastening methods
  • creates a reliable thread connection in a thin material up to 3mm
  • no waste and no need for thread inserts
  • high process reliability

Tube Laser

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Water Jet Cutting

For materials that are sensitive to high temperatures

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