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Cost-effective and high-quality solution

At Kloeckner Metals UK we offer our clients a high-quality punch and shear processing service. Using top-of-the-line fittings machine we can process flat and angle steel in various thicknesses to deliver parts for construction applications.


  • An economical solution for various applications
  • High production capacity
  • Uninterrupted feed and removal of material (all in a single pass)
  • Very long tool life (up to 10,000 holes)
  • Low tool costs
  • Accurate positioning (no movement possible during processing)
  • Minimal scrap material
  • Very clean production process (no swarf, no fumes).



Delivering high-quality products our machines can process flat steel from 50×5 up to 500×25 and angle steel from 50x50x5 up to 160x160x15.

Using our extensive stock of plate, flat bar and angle profiles we can punch and shear brackets, gussets, rectangles and squares. Our extensive in-house capabilities also allow us to profile and drill fittings to produce flanges, rings and other shapes to Execution class 4.

We also have the capability to provide de-burring of individual punched holes in plates. For the de-burring service or any other irregular and custom punch requests, please contact our team who will help with your customised request.



Profiling to Execution class 4

Water Jet Cutting

For materials that are sensitive to high temperatures

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