Shot blasting & Painting


Our central stocks business

Kloeckner Metals UK’s central stocks business in Leeds utilise two modern fully automated Gietart (Kaltenbach) shot blasting, painting and drying lines.

Shot Blasting systems

Rust. Mill scale. Impurities. Before steel is fit to be processed it has to be cleaned (shot blasted). This is carried out by hurling shot, like small metal balls, against the product at a velocity of approximately 80 metres per second.

80 metres per second

Painting systems

Because of the roughness of the material every element has to be exactly balanced in order to obtain a smooth and well-dried paint layer. Water blow off units and ovens and highly efficient paint sprayer give a smooth and well-dried paint layer.

Everything you need to clean the steel and preserve it against new corrosion.

Both lines can handle plates and structural material up to 22 metres long, 1500 mm wide and  500mm high, the maximum weight capacity is 10 tonnes. We offer a blast finish to SA2.5 in paint colours of red and grey.

CE Marking

Kloeckner Metals UK are fully accredited for the processing of shot blasting and painted steel to the relevant CE Marking Execution class 1 – 4.


A comprehensive service offering straight and mitre cut


Providing an automated solution for your drilling needs

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