Water Jet Cutting


Advantages of water jet cutting

  • Efficient production technology as well, and especially with single part manufacturing
  • Almost no heat input in the component through the cutting jet
  • No structural changes in the material, such as increased hardness and micro fissures
  • High machining accuracy and surface quality at the cutting edge
  • No pollutants created during the cutting process

Capability & benefits

  • CE, no heat is transferred to profile so CE Marking is exempt for construction
  • High quality cut
  • Cutting tolerances (+/- 0.25mm)
  • Cut up to 200mm thick in all metals
  • No heat affected zone (Maybe specified for this reason due to application)
  • Maximum Length 4000mm
  • Maximum Width 2000mm
  • Bystronic Byjet technology

Flat Laser Cutting

Cutting edge thermal processing

Tube Laser

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