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Kloeckner Metals UK would like to assure all our customers that we are fully compliant to CE regulation especially with regards to CE marking of products. We are governed by the requirements of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) which add responsibility to both importer and distributor who must also ensure that the manufacturer has undertaken fully all that is required. Construction Products Regulation govern a whole range of products sold into permanent constructions. The CE mark indicates that a product complies with the ‘essential requirements’ of the appropriate part of the Construction Products Regulation.

The list of products is long and complex, many of Kloeckner Metals UK core products and processes are included. Processes that are mandatory include: shot blasting; painting; drilling; Oxy, plasma & laser profiling and whether we do the processes ourselves, or sub-contract it, we are ultimately responsible as the seller.
Many of Kloeckner Metals UK’s products used in construction are covered by CE marking. For the products we buy from CE certified mills our operations department must ensure that we maintain full traceability from receipt through to dispatch. This includes ensuring that the test cert is complete and includes the suppliers CE mark.

We at Kloeckner Metals UK have a formal system for CE marking requirements for construction products. Verification to international standards including related harmonised standards and/or a European technical assessment (ETA) will also apply. All mainstream construction products are covered by harmonised standards and must therefore be CE marked.

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