Charlemont Square Block 2, Dublin

  • Location
  • Sector
    Commercial Office Development
  • Main Client
    McGarrell Reilly Group
  • Main Contractor
    JJ Rhatigan & Co
  • Architect & Engineer
    Henry J Lyons Architecture & CS Consulting Group
  • Steelwork Contractor
    Steel Solutions NI
  • Westok Solution
    650T Westok Cellular Beams


One of the finest developments in Dublin City Centre right now is the vibrant €250 million Charlemont Square development.

This mixed-use project will deliver some 350,000 sq ft of commercial office space across two office buildings in addition to 30,000 sq ft of retail space and 280 apartments.

Kloeckner Westok’s involvement with the scheme can be traced back to August 2016, to a request from Consulting Engineer CS Consulting for tentative design guidance on an exciting new Dublin City Centre development. Westok Engineers helped to scheme up various design options, and helped to pitch the concept of a flexible structural steelwork solution utilising clear-span Westok cellular beams to the developer.

Fast forward to April 2021, and the structural frame for Block 2 is complete by the steelwork contractor Steel Solutions NI, as the entire scheme nears completion in the final quarter of 2021.

As widely reported in the Irish media, Amazon will create some 1000 additional permanent jobs in Ireland, increasing its local workforce to ca. 5000, as the company plans to take occupancy at the new Charlemont Square campus. In doing so, they join other IT giants such as Google, Facebook, Linkedin and HubSpot, as all of these blue-chip players take occupancy at new flexible commercial developments in Dublin featuring clear-span Westok cellular beams.

At Block 2 Charlemont Square, pre-cambered clear-span Westoks frame out 5 floors of office floor space, and one further level of roof-structure. The Westoks typically comprise a full portfolio of 400mm dia cells, boosted by the provision of wider elongated cells at discreet locations. The solution presents the client and design team with considerable flexibility in service provision, both at present and long into the future.

Remarkably, KMUK Westok have provided clear-span design solutions to some twenty commercial developments in Dublin in recent years. Despite the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Commercial/Office sector in Dublin continues to display considerable resilience and we look forward to seeing the current design pipeline reaching site and topping out over the coming years.

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Images courtesy of Steel Solutions NI

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