The Embankment
Function & Beauty

  • Location
    Salford, Manchester
  • Sector
    Commercial Office Development
  • Main Client
    Ask Property Development Ltd
  • Main Contractor
    Carillion Plc
  • Architect & Engineer
    Flanagan Lawerence & Ramboll
  • Steelwork Contractor
    Elland Steel Structures
  • Westok Solution
    Westok VE Design – 320T Westok Cellular Secondary Beams, 270T Westok Plated Primary Beams

Manchester’s historic Exchange Station.

On the site of Manchester’s historic Exchange Station, overlooked by the Cathedral, 101 Embankment offers 165,000 sq ft of Grade A office space, together with 442 covered car parking spaces, and is reflective of the type of modern column free floor plates Westok are delivering for major-city Commercial/Office developments.

Approached by Elland Steel Structures

Westok were approached by Elland Steel Structures to assist with value engineering design work. Westok reviewed various options and identified the most economical approach as 12-15m Westok cellular secondary beams, working in conjunction with Westok Plated primary beams. Each floor plate is column free; the grid comprises perimeter columns, supporting secondary beams framing to the central core, or to Westok plated primary beams.

17,500 sq ft floor plates
360 degree view

Westok are unique.

Westok are unique, as we are the only specialist steelwork designer and fabricator, who can offer up the correct technical and commercial mix of cellular and plated office floor beams. This solution is becoming the structural solution of choice amongst consulting engineers, main contractors and steelwork fabricators, as evidenced by the many developments utilising this system in our major cities, where Grade A Office Space is at a premium.

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