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Kloeckner Metals UK | Westok are a specialist steel fabricator and designer who drives economy into the design of steel framed structures by providing an unrivalled range of cellular, shallow and plated beam solutions and software packages.

We are uniquely positioned in our ability to design and manufacture both cellular and plated beams, this enables us to drive the greatest economy into your project.

Employing a team of structural engineers we provide a very speedy and efficient design service, whether you are at a scheme design stage, detailed design stage, or seeking some value engineering.

0.0 m² Manufacturing facility
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The only specialist steelwork fabricator capable of designing and manufacturing the optimum technical and commercial mix of Westok Cellular, Plate Beams and Shallow Floor Beams.


The Beginning

Westok Structural Services Limited was established in 1985, as a subsidiary of the Wescol Group, to supply castellated beams to the fabrication industry.

During the late 1980’s

After full scale tests at Bradford University, design consultation with the SCI and a granting of a patent for the cutting process, the cellular beam was launched to the UK construction market.

Westok Limited

Formed from a management buyout, we continued to grow the cellular beam market and also introduced the Ultra Shallow Floor Beam.

ASD Metals

In 2007 Westok Limited was sold to ASD Metal Services Limited (part of the Kloeckner Group) and ASD Westok Limited was formed.

2014 Development

The Westok Plate Beam software package was launched to complement the Westok Cellular beam software – which remains the UKs most used, trusted and unrivalled software for the design of cellular beams.

2016 Rebrand

We are now trading as Kloeckner Metals UK | Westok and have continued investment to ensure that we stay at the forefront of technical abilities within our factory.

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