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The software has been written by the Steel Construction Institute (SCI) directly in line with the requirements of publication P354 – Design Guide on the Vibration of Floors.

The software allows the user to determine the Vibration Response of a floor of Westok Cellbeams or Ultra Shallow Floor Beams (USFBs), and is used in conjunction with Cellbeam.


Many Structural Engineers are familiar with the quick ‘natural frequency’ approach to composite floor beams, with beams typically designed to a minimum Natural Frequency of 4.0Hz to ensure the beam is outside of the range of footfall induced vibration, which typically has a frequency of about 2.0Hz.

In more recent years, the inadequacies of this relatively simplistic approach have been recognised by engineers, as this approach does not take into consideration the amplitude of the applied load, the general arrangement of the primary and secondary beams, nor the damping capabilities of the floor slab.

An approach which takes these issues into account is now seen as being a more detailed and realistic approach to the review of vibration issues. Cellvibe allows engineers to quickly examine the vibration Response of the floor to the Simplified Assessment Method outlined in SCI P354. Engineers will find less conservative results using a more sophisticated approach such as FE analysis using a specialist software package.




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