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Having pioneered the development of structural steelwork software for cellular beams in the 1990s, we stand today as the unrivalled market leading software supplier for the analysis and design of prismatic, tapered and curved cellular beams.

Cellbeam is written by the Steel Construction Institute (SCI), who are the worldwide authority on the analysis and design of our products.

Cellbeam is used to analyse and design simply supported and fixed-ended Westok Cellbeams and Ultra Shallow Floor Beams (USFBs). A wide variety of beam design options are available, including floor beams, roof beams and cantilevers to the UK, Irish & Dutch National Annexes of the EC and BS code also.

Westok Plate Beam is used to design solid web or Cellular Westok Plate Beams (WPB). WPBs can also be designed in Tekla Structural Designer  and Fastrak building Designer.


The Cellbeam Automate routine can be used to search for the minimum weight cellular beam which passes all design checks. The geometry of the final solution can be controlled by setting three criteria – cell diameter, cell pitch and beam depth. If Automate is turned off, a particular beam size is defined and checked.

Cellbeam provides a convenient ‘add to table’ function which allows the user to generate a summary table of the designs undertaken. The table includes all of the key pieces of information associated with each section, including the Section Factor and Limiting Temperature Data utilised by the intumescent coating specialist.

The software also permits two levels of reporting, ‘summary’ and ‘full’ to suit the requirements of the individual user.




Launched in December 2017, Version 10.3.1 features a refined Mcr engine for the analysis and design of curved cellular beams, enhanced restraint definition options, and improved on-screen graphics.

Westok Plate Beam was launched as a standalone package for the design of Westok Plate Beams (WPBs) in October 2012 in conjuction with WPB design functionality in Fastrak Building Designer.

The design engine has been further developed in Tekla Structural Designer.




Download our Westok Cellbeam, Westok Plate Beam, USFB, Vibration & BIM software here.


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